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Mission Statement

The Office of the Town Clerk serves the public through the provision of public records, vital statistics (births, deaths, marriages) and general information.  It is the intent of this office to uphold the integrity of historic public documents and to assist the public at accessing their present and past personal information.

The Town Clerk’s Office is committed to providing quality services and information to the residents of Prospect and to ensure the office operates in an innovative and efficient manner.

This office works in cooperation with town boards and commissions and maintains permanent meeting minutes for all meetings held.  Licensing for marriage licenses, death certificates and birth certificates are also handled in this office.  The Town Clerk’s Office also implements and maintains yearly dog licensing for Prospect.  Copies of personal records can be obtained from the Clerk’s Office as well.

Cash or check are the only acceptable forms of payment.
Credit cards are not accepted.

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Town Clerk
Michelle Lisowski

(203) 758-4461

Assistant Town Clerk
Wendy Boroski
(203) 758-4461

Mailing Address:
Attn: Town Clerk Office
Prospect Town Hall
36 Center St.
Prospect, CT 06712


Vital Statistics

The following information explains the accessibility of vital records, specifically birth, death and marriage records:

  1. Birth Records more than 100 years old :
    • Any person
  2. Birth Records less than 100 years old:
    • Person who is the subject of the birth certificate
    • Parent or Guardian or Grandparent, if a minor
    • Spouse or Children; Grandchildren will be able to obtain a certified copy of their grandparent's birth certificate.
    • Chief Elected Official of Municipality or Agent
    • Local Health Director
    • Attorneys
    • Title Examiners
    • Members of Incorporated Genealogical Societies or Societies Authorized to Conduct Business in Connecticut
    • Persons Authorized by Court Order
    • State or Federal Agency Authorized by State Commissioner of Public Health
  3. Marriage Records:
    • Any person, documents subject to the Freedom of Information Act
    • Copies of marriage certificates that include the spouse’s social security numbers will only be issued to the parties to the marriage.
  4. Death Records: 
    • If you need a copy of the death certificate with the social security number on the certificate, you will need to provide proof of identity and proof of the relationship that allows you to obtain the death certificate with the social security number.

Documentation Required for a copy of or access to Birth Certificates
  • Anyone requesting a copy of, either in person or by mail, or access to or permission to examine the original or any copy of the birth certificate or birth registrar shall provide documentation proving that such person is entitled to a copy of or access to birth certificates.
  • The person whose birth is recorded, if over eighteen (18) years of age, or that person's guardian if that person is a minor shall submit a photographic identification. Should a photographic identification be unavailable, originals or photocopies of two (2) of the following documents shall be substituted for it:
      • Social security card
      • Written verification of identity from employer
      • Automobile registration
      • Copy of utility bill showing name and address
      • Checking account deposit slip stating name and address
      • Voter registration card


Birth Certificate Form

Cash or check are the only acceptable forms of payment.
Credit cards are not accepted.



Sportsmen's Licenses

  • Sportsmen's Licenses are NO LONGER available at the Town Clerk's Office. Connecticut Sportsmen will be able to purchase fishing, hunting and trapping licenses directly over the internet. In addition to licenses, you will also be able order the special permits and tags needed to hunt species like deer, turkeys, migratory birds and pheasants. These Licenses are now available at the link below:

For a list of DEEP Sportsman License Vendors, please visit Here.



Marriage License By Appointment Only


In order to apply in Prospect, you must be getting married in Prospect. Each applicant must have a valid government issued photo identification.

Both parties must appear in person to sign the license, under oath, in the presence of one of the office Registrars.

The license is valid for 65 days from the date of application. Applicants do not have to appear at the same time. However, the 65-day period of license validity begins on the first date it is signed.

The fee to obtain a Marriage License is $50. We suggest that couples order and pre-pay an additional $20 for a certified copy, which will be mailed directly to them. A certified copy is required by Social Security and DMV to make a name change. It may also be required to add a spouse to another's health insurance.

Marriage license appointments are available Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM; and on Friday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The complete process of application and transcription takes about 20 minutes.


Click on the Marriage License link for more information

Marriage License Form

Death Certificates

  • Death Certificates are available in the Town Clerk Office or by mail
  • Please call the Town Clerk office (203) 758-4461 for any questions about death certificates

Death Certificate Form

Dog License

  • Connecticut State Law requires that all dogs aged six months and older be licensed. To obtain a license for your dog, you must supply a certificate of rabies vaccination, a certificate of neutering or spaying (unless one is already of file with the Prospect Town Clerk), and a check payable to Town Clerk of Prospect. If you wish to pay by mail, you must send a self-addressed stamped envelope with the appropriate fee and a copy of the dog license notice, as well as an updated rabies certificate and the certificate of neutering or spaying, if applicable.

    The fee for a neutered male or a spayed female is $8. The fee for a non-neutered male or a non-spayed female is $19. If you have any further questions, call the Town Clerk's office at 758-4461 any Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Cash or check are the only acceptable forms of payment.
Credit cards are not accepted.

Veterans Discharge

To receive a veteran’s exemption on the assessed value of your real or personal property, you must file your original DD-214 certificate (separation papers from active duty) in the Town Clerk’s office. You must file by September 30th to receive credit on the following year’s tax bill. There is no fee for filing the DD-214.  A certified copy of your DD-214 previously filed with another town is acceptable, if an original is not available.

To qualify, you must have served during a time of war and discharged honorably.

Duplicate copies of DD-214’s may be obtained by contacting the National Personnel Records Center, at 1-(800) 827-1000 and request a Form 180 or you can visit their website at