Mission Statement

The Assessor is the governmental official responsible for establishing the value of property for ad valorem tax purposes: for discovering, listing, and valuing all taxable and tax-exempt properties; and to ensure that the individual property owner’s value is proper so that the owner pays no more than their fair share of property tax.

In the performance of these duties, assurance is made that no property escapes the assessment process or is under assessed and that no property owner received unauthorized preferential treatment.

Revaluations are completed every five years in conformity with the Connecticut General Statutes and Revaluation Performance Standards. Development and updating of information is conducted on an ongoing basis, including modernization of computerized records of real estate, personal property and motor vehicles. All duties are performed in compliance with the Connecticut General Statutes.


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Betsy A. Quist
(203) 758-4461

Mailing Address:
Attn: Office of the
Prospect Town Hall
36 Center St
Prospect, CT 06712


General Assessment Information

The annual Grand List or Assessment Date is October 1st.
In compliance with Connecticut General Statutes the Town of Prospect has completed a real property revaluation as required for the October 1, 2020 Grand List. The first tax bills to reflect the revised assessments will be issued on or about July 1, 2021.

The new 2020 Revaluation assessments can be found by going to eQuality Valuation Service


Assessment Appeals

BOA Assessment Appeals 2023

Please complete the application and return it to the Assessor's Office. Applications must be received ON OR BEFORE February 20th, 2024, at 4:00PM per Connecticut law: no applications will be accepted after this date.


Board Members


Lisa Calvano


Lisa Marasco


Shawn Baumann


Carey Fitsgerald


Kristin Cicchetti

Tax Relief/Credits

Local Tax Credits for Elderly and Totally Disabled
2023 Information

FOR NEW APPLICANTS: The filing period for tax credits for Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowners for the 2023 Grand List is From February 1, 2024 through May 15, 2024.

To apply, the applicant must meet age, income limits ($43,800 FOR SINGLE & $53,400 FOR MARRIED), and own and occupy the home. He or she must have been 65 years of age by December 31, 2023 or be totally and permanently disabled before reaching the age of 65. All income must be documented. The maximum income on the local program for single applicants is $65,700.00 and the maximum for married applicants is $80,100.00.

Applicants must show proof of all income received for the 2023 calendar year by supplying a copy of their Federal Income Tax Return. If you do not need to file a return, bring all year end statements and the 2023 Social Security Benefit Statement (Form SSA-1099).

Totally disabled applicants must submit current written proof of their disability and income. Proof of disability can include Social Security, Federal, State or Local government retirement or disability plan, Railroad Retirement Act, or government-related teacher's retirement plan.

The maximum credit under the Town program is $400. It is also based upon percentage of ownership and years as a resident of Prospect. An applicant that meets all requirements and has resided in Prospect for 1-5 years is eligible for $200; if an applicant meets the requirements and has lived in Prospect for 6 or more years, they would be eligible for the $400.

To file an application for the tax credit, the applicant, a relative or agent must come to the Prospect Assessor's Office before the filing period ends on May 15, 2024.

Please call the Prospect Assessor's Office for an appointment, or come to the office during normal business hours of 8:30am to 4:00pm.