Curbside Recycling Schedule


Dear Residents,

                 This is the recycling Schedule for the Town of Prospect for 2023. The list is divided into FOUR sections. Find Your Street in the appropriate section and you will see your pick-up dates in the column to the right. The recycling is picked up every two weeks for the entire. Please place your recyclables out the night before your scheduled pick-up.

                Magazines, Newspaper, orange juice and milk cartons, juice box containers, plastic bottles #1-7, aluminum cans and glass may be places in your recycling bin. Cardboard no longer than 2x3 foot piece may be tied and placed in the bin.

                Replacements bins can be obtained in the mayor’s office. Please feel free to call the Town Hall at (203)-758-4461 if you have any questions regarding recycling. Thank you for your continued cooperation with the towns recycling program and best wished to you for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2023

CLICK HERE for a printable schedule for 2023