Aquifer Protection Agency

Agency Information


The Aquifer Protection Agency is charged with the adoption and administration
of regulations for the protection of the groundwater used for publ.iic
driinking water. Under tile State of Connectict1t Aquifer Protection Act of
2006, certain uses of the land a1re prohibited where they may be likely to
negatively impact the quality of existing pt1blic groundwater sources,
Uses of property that arc now prohibited, bt1t were in existence prior to
the ado ption of the Aquifer Prot ction Regulations, may continue to exist
if they conform to certain best management practices and register with
the Agency.
The Aquifer Protection Agency is composed of the members of the
Pll.anning and Zoning Commission. The Brooklyn Zoning Map contains the
boundaries of the Aquifer Protection Arca. The Aquifer Protection Agency
holds special meetings as needed on the third Tu€!sday of the month The
Director of Community Development/Town Planner provides technical assistance
to the Agency.




Connecticut’s Aquifer Protection Area Program protects major public water supply wells in sand and gravel aquifers to ensure a plentiful supply of public drinking water for present and future generations.  Aquifer Protection Areas (sometimes referred to as “wellhead protection areas”) are being designated around the state’s 127 active well fields in 80 Towns in sand and gravel aquifers that serve more than 1000 people.  Land use regulations will be established in those areas to minimize the potential for contamination of the well field. The regulations restrict development of certain new land use activities that use, store, handle or dispose of hazardous materials and requires existing regulated land uses to register and follow best management practices.



[Town/City name] Aquifer Protection Agency

The [Town/City name] Aquifer Protection Agency is an existing board or commission appoint ed a s required by Section 22a -

354o(a) of the Connecticut General Statutes. The Aquifer Protect ion Area Agency is responsible for local program administration and enforcement . Their duties include completing a Land Use Inventory, delineating the Aquifer Protect ion Are a Boundary, adopting municipal Aquifer Protect ion Are a regulations, registering and permitting regulated activities, and enforcing the program and ensuring compliance. The [Town/City name] Aquifer Protect ion Agency administers the State of Connecticut’s Aquifer Protect ion Are a program for the [Town/City]. Through local ordinance , members of the [Board or Commission name] were appointed as the Aquifer Protect ion Area Agency. The member information is as follows:

  • [Name , contact , term]
  • [Name , contact , term]
  • [Name , contact , term]

The Aquifer Protection Agent is a municipal official or s t a ff-person assigned to assist the Aquifer Protect ion Agency. Our Aquifer Protect ion Agent is [Agent name, title, contact ].

Meeting Schedule


 Meeting day, time and location
 Virtual meeting link if necessary
 Reminder: You need to meet at least once a year!
 Meeting agendas
 Meeting minutes
 Supplementary meeting material
 Site plan or other maps
 Aquifer applications and forms
 Previous licenses
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The purpose of the Aquifer Protection Area Regulations is to protect public water supply wells from pollution by managing landuse activities conducted nearby. The Town of Prospect adopted Aquifer Protection Area Regulations on [date adopted, date amended]. The effective date of the regulations is [effective date]. The regulations are available through this link: [Insert link to regulations] To obtain a hard copy of the Aquifer Protection Area Regulations, please contact [name, phone or email, office information].Aquifer Protection Area Boundary Map. The Aquifer Protection Area boundary is placed on the [Town/City name] Zoning Map. The boundary is the area of contribution and recharge to the drinking water well(s) this program protects. The [water department name(s)] owns and operates drinking water wells from aquifers that serve the [City/Town] of [City/Town name]’s community.

The aquifer boundary map is found in the link below:• [link to Zoning Map]

Determination Form of Non-Regulated Activity in Aquifer Protection Areas (to submit to agency so
they can review if a site has regulated activities)  link
APA Registration Application Form (for existing facility operators) link
APA Registration Transfer Form (for new operators that are moving into a registered
facility) get link

▪Permit Form to Add New Regulated Activity (for existing facility operators that want to add or
change the activities at the facility)
APA Permit Transfer Form (for new operators moving into a registered and permitted
facility) link
Environmental Compliance Form (only used for permit applications)link
Site Inspection Form Example (see example in zip file folder)link
DEEP Model for Materials Management Plan (for guidance on how to develop an MMP)link
APA Stormwater Supplement Form (for guidance on how to develop a stormwater management plan for
APA registered facilities)link

Below are links t o additional websites and references applicable t o t he Aquifer Protection Area

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