department profile

The Prospect Police Department consists of 17 police officers, one Resident Trooper and two civilian employees.

For the Prospect Police, patrolling means more than being mobile and highly visible, it means getting officers out of the patrol cars more often, so they can interact with citizens and business owners in a more positive manner.

The Prospect Police Department is striving to maintain a quality and professional Police Department. Many of our officers have college degrees, and are highly trained officers who have retired from other Departments bringing their expertise to the Town of Prospect. In addition to the basic technical skills, officers receive additional training in DUI enforcement, Accident Investigation, Crime Scene Investigation, Interview and Interrogation Techniques, and Computer Crimes.

Prospect Police Officers

Lieutenant Nelson Abarzua

Officer Stephan Cameron
Officer Thomas Daponte
Officer Douglas Fairchild
Officer Richard Fiske
Officer Noreo Gabriel
Officer Andrew Giordino
Officer Arian Gorishti
Officer Mark Jazwinski
Officer John Kennelly
Officer Steven Noreika
Officer Erno Nandori
Officer Orlando Oliveira
Officer John Vegliante